Company History

The Legend of Dorado was founded in 1985 and instantly became the fisherman’s boat of choice. Dorado boats began in a small shop in Clearwater and have since moved to a state of the art facility in Ozona Florida. Initially Dorado boats embarked on a lifelong journey of building a high quality boat utilizing quality craftsmanship paired with innovative technology. Dorado’s first product was the Dorado 30. The Dorado 30 made it’s mark and went into full production in 1985 confirming Dorado’s identity. A few years later Dorado boats introduced the Dorado 23 and the Legend was solidified. This incredible vessel was created by Bob Lickert and gained a reputation of being the “Best boat for the Bay!” Heralded by one news article as “New Boat open to all waters,” the 23 was the first inshore & offshore boat built for the fisherman who wants to do both. Also utilizing precise creativity, Dorado was the first to utilize a hydraulic bracket to enable a more skinny water fishing experience.

The Dorado 23 is and will continue to be the leader of its’ class in the marine industry. In the late 90’s Dorado introduced the 40, an extremely fuel-efficient vessel which is custom built several different ways. For those who want functionality, performance and luxury, check out the Dorado 40! In August 2011 the company was purchased by Dorado Custom Boats LLC whose principals have deep roots in the community and boating industry. Dorado custom boats continue to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clientele.

All Dorado custom boats are hand laid and constructed with a premium grade high-density divinycell core, bi & tri axles laminates and UV resistant gel coats. The highest grade 316 marine stainless is used throughout your boat. Dorado custom boats come standard with a custom carbon fiber switch panel with led lighting.

All of Dorado custom boats are rigged with the highest quality tinned copper wires, heat shrink butt connectors with all hose being double clamped.

Dorado Boats now offers:

16 Skiff Custom Fishing Boat 23 Dorado SE Custom Fishing Boat 23 Dorado Pro Guide Custom Fishing Boat 25 Dorado Custom Fishing Boat 25 Dorado Flat Deck Custom Fishing Boat

Dorado Custom Fishing Boats Company History

Dorado Custom Fishing Boats Company History