16 Skiff

Introducing the Dorado 16 backwater skiff.

We designed the boat to go where no boat could go before. The 16 skiff will float in 4 inches of water so you can go where only kayakers could go before. With the narrow beam you can slide between the mangroves with ease but it's also big enough to zoom out to the local islands.

The Dorado 16 Skiff is built to the same standards as every Dorado has been built since 1984. The 16 Skiff can get you into places that most boats only dream about. Live well, 11.5 gallon fuel tank, and full liner are standard and an optional side console with remote steering is available. Our mold offers the option for running skegs to reduce the “fish tailing” that these type skiffs are known for. If your in the market for this type of skiff, come check it out!

Technical specifications

  • Overall Length 16'6"
  • Beam 60'
  • Draft 5"
  • Displacement 460 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity 11.5 gallons
  • Recommended Power 20-30hp

Boat Layout

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